Fire and Clay Beneath the Big Sky

The Red Lodge Clay Center celebrates its 10-year anniversary ... LEARN MORE>>

Cowboys on Film

The Wyoming Photographs Of Adam Jahiel ... LEARN MORE>>

House Justified

Sam Peckinpah in Montana ... LEARN MORE>>

From Field to Table

Professional Chefs offer tips for cooking big game ... LEARN MORE>>

Another Kind of Nightlife

After sunset, groomers rule the slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort ... LEARN MORE>>

In Progress: The Generous Vision of Mark Spragg


Rick Bass, Activist and Storyteller

"Fire is what we notice, but glaciers are what change the world. " — from…... LEARN MORE>>

Montana’s Bighorn Sheep Back from the Brink

Montana produces some of the largest bighorn rams in the world, and hunters will pay…... LEARN MORE>>

Fishing Fall Streamers

The simple pleasures of a take and a run ... LEARN MORE>>

The Long-Term Business of Owls

Denver Holt and the Owl Research Institute ... LEARN MORE>>

Checking The River

Jim Greene and Martha Vogt: water as ceremony ... LEARN MORE>>


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Willson Auditorium, 404 W. Main St., Bozeman, MT 59715

The intimacy and richness of the chamber orchestra is on display in this beautiful program of diverse musical gems. First we’ll awaken your senses with an exuberant frolic in Russell Peck’s playful work for strings- Signs of Life II. Next,…

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